Our Partnership With Cube Smart

Our Partnership With Cubesmart

Cubesmart is the 3rd largest Self Storage REIT and 3rd party management company in the United States. They operate over 850 locations, 300 of those locations for 3rd party owner operators, such as the entities managed by Coda Management Group. Aligning ourselves with Cubesmart allows us to focus on what we do best: adding value through acquisition and development. It also allows us to scale and focus on long-term growth.

Working with Cubesmart also provides us with the systems and marketing of the 3rd largest operator in the country. Knowing we have a Fortune 500 company which is publicly traded on the NYSE provides our investors with a peace of mind their investment is managed properly.


We work with Cubesmart in a few different ways when acquiring a property:

 Create our 7-10 year Profit & Loss projections for our facilities with their comprehensive lease-up model

 Understand the demographics of our customers that our facility will occupy

 Create Locker Layouts for a perfect unit mix and layout to maximize the facility space

 Understand the true indicators and environment for the surrounding area of our

 Ensure that the facilities are clean, proper maintenance and repairs are completed, is “REIT Quality”

 Store management ensures that the facility is operating at peak performance

 Safeguards from a legal and risk management standpoint

 Certifies the financial systems and accounting is timely and accurate