Self-Storage Investing

Giving you the confidence to invest in self-storage with everything in place and be a true passive investor.
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There are 48,500 storage facilities in the U.S. There are more self-storage units in the U.S. than McDonald's and Starbucks locations combined. 
Source: Huffington Post

Why Self-Storage?

Passive Commercial Income Investing

Has been one of the safest bets in real estate in the past 50 years.

$38 Billion dollar industry

1 in 10 Americans pay an average of $92 / month to use self-storage

The Self-Storage Industry has had 7.7% annual growth since 2012

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Recently Funded Deals

Over twenty-five years of Design, Building & Investing in Commercial Real Estate


1750 N Lawndale

Date of Acquisition: June 2017

Square Footage: 69,300

Number of Units: 612

Acquisition Price: $2,200,000

Equity Raised: $1,600,000

Location: Chicago, IL

IMG-5265 (1)

3742 W Wisconsin

Date of Acquisition: December 2017

Square Footage: 102,590

Number of Units: 839

Acquisition Price: $1,900,000

Equity Raised: $1,600,000

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Platform III Floyd Entrance Rendering

829 S Floyd

Date of Acquisition: November 2020

Square Feet: 138,000

Number of Units: 700

Acquisition Price: $1,750,000

Equity Raised: $2,000,000

Location: Louisville, KY

Screenshot (746)

155 S Superior

Date of Acquisition: November 2018

Square Feet: 88,347

Number of Units: 695

Acquisition Price: $1,785,000

Equity Raised: $1,100,000

Pace Funding: $1,100,000

Location: Toledo, OH


535 E. Third

Date of Acquisition: April 2019

Square Feet: 90,870

Number of Units: 700

Acquisition Price: $1,000,000

Equity Raised: $960,000

Location: Dayton, OH