Listen to this podcast interview with Scott Krone and Billy Keels from the Going Long Podcast where the two discuss Scott's journey from architecture into Self Storage investments. Scott shares everything you need to know about transforming a building into a Self Storage facility, how he picks his market locations, and even about green investment opportunities.
Some key takeaways include:

  • How Scott moved forward when the dream of taking over the family business didn’t work out
  • The lowdown on the Self Storage Space
  • All about the practicalities of transforming a building into a Self Storage facility
  • How to know a good Self Storage investment opportunity
  • Scott’s reason for Going Long with his investments
  • How Scott and his team work out which market locations to choose
  • The various asset classes in the Self Storage Space, and the different benefits of
  • Development and Value Add
  • All about Green Investment Opportunities
  • What is PACE?
  • How Scott is preparing for the future in these uncertain times

Listen to the full interview and read the complete show notes here!