Cashflow Ninja is a podcast aimed at empowering and inspiring people to discover how to generate their own income and manage, grow and protect their own wealth in the new economy. Scott Krone, founder and Managing Partner of Coda Management Group joined M.C. Laubscher on the Cashflow Ninja to share why and how he got started in the Self Storage space, and how buying distressed real estate assets in a non-distressed market has paid off for his business. He shares where his story all started, how Coda Management Group got started and some tips of the trade.

Some key takeaways from the interview include:

  • Where there is an increased amount of risk, there is an increased amount of money potential.
  • We make our money on the “buy” portion of a real estate investment deal. We focus on the acquisition to make sure that we are buying at a really good price point to take advantage of inefficiencies in the marketplace.
  • The biggest factor in Self Storage is saturation levels – how many other competitors do you have in a very fixed radius.
  • Self Storage is more of a “Crockpot” investment. It’s not a “microwave” investment where you get rich quick, but the time and investment pays off in the long run.

Listen to the full interview, and read the complete show notes here!