Self storage facilities are popping up all over the world. They are becoming an extension of the way we live our lives. They are used to store everything from furniture to sporting equipment and everything in between. As a society, we all know it is hard to give up your possessions. These are things that are purchased with money earned or have sentimental value. If you don't use self storage but are curious why others do, here are 5 reasons that people regularly rent space at self storage facilities. 

Store Seasonal Items. Today, many people live in homes that are short on storage space. This means that they are looking for ways to store items that they don't use on a regular basis like holiday decorations or dishes and seasonal clothing items. Self storage offers a a climate controlled space that acts just like a closet in your own home. Your items are accessible at any time, making it easy to retrieve things as needed. 

Warehouse Sporting Equipment. As people amass more and more toys, there is less and less space for them. Think about items like surfboards, skis, bikes and camping equipment. All these items take up value real estate in your home or garage. Many people choose to store them in storage facilities. It is easy to just stop by on your way to the beach or before a ski trip and pick up what you need then head out for the day.

Short or Long Term Furniture Storage. Moving is a fact of life. Whether you are moving permanently to a new city or taking on a short term assignment, using a storage facility can help. Here are three scenarios where storage facilities are helpful:

1. You are moving to a new city and are not sure about your long term prospects, you may choose to store your items until you find a home to purchase.

2. You are coming from a single family home and now you are living in a smaller dwelling. Storage is a great option until you decide your permanent situation.

3. You are taking an assignment overseas, you may want to store your items until you return while you rent out your house or, in some cases, until you find a new rental apartment on your return.

Extension of an At Home Businesses. As more people start their own businesses, they are finding that keeping items for their business at their home is impractical but taking on the high overhead of traditional office space or a bay is beyond their reach. Self storage prices are much more budget friendly for any self starter. It's great place for someone to store their tools, materials or office equipment. Most storage facilities have 24/7 security built in so they know their inventory is safe.

Move Loved Ones Possessions. With multi generational care become more prevalent, people young and old are finding themselves on the move. For older relatives, moving into assisted care facilities or downsizing from a large single family home can be stressful. Storage facilities offer the opportunity to put sentimental items or larger furniture pieces into storage until relatives can make a family decision on what to do. In some cases, these items may be there for a few months until a grandchild graduates college and needs some help furnishing their new apartment.  

There is no shortage of ideas of how people can use self storage facilities. Whatever their stage in life, storage facilities offer customers flexibility and ease of use. It's a place to put items that you may not use on a daily basis.