Two years ago, at the height of the COVID pandemic, we had only begun to see how consumer spending habits would change. Two years later, people are still spending more time at home as they try and make the most of their spare bedrooms, offices, garages, and basements. This means self-storage is still a great investment, and there's no one better to talk to about it than Scott Krone.

Scott is the owner and founder of Coda Management Group and One Stop Self Storage. He facilitates brand new self-storage development, as well as self-storage conversions. He's built a massive self-storage portfolio and it's proven to be hugely beneficial to his bottom line, even as we struggle with runaway inflation.

In today's conversation, you'll learn how the self-storage business has changed since we last checked in with him in July of 2020 and the tools he uses to evaluate markets. You'll also hear how you can use self-storage as a reactionary investment to protect yourself from volatility.

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