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Scott Krone Featured on the How Did They Do It Podcast

On this episode of the How Did They Do It podcast, Scott sits down with Seyla and Aileen Prak from Bonavest Capital to discuss his real estate journey. Despite the recent recession and demographic shifts, self storage has maintained strong performance and high occupancy rates. Scott discusses the reasons for this and why self-storage has been one of the most secure investments in real estate over the past fifty years. 

Some key takeaways include:

  • Considerations for self-storage facility development
  • How to manage various self-storage properties
  • Ways to implement new systems that function well
  • The importance of daily, weekly, and monthly reports
  • Strategic methods to remotely manage a self-storage facility 
  • Process on converting a building into a self-storage facility

Listen to the full interview and read the complete show notes here!


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Scott Krone Featured on The Chris Miles Money Show

Podcast: The Chris Miles Money Show
Topic: 4 Proven Passive Investments with Scott Krone

On this podcast episode of The Chris Miles Money Show, Scott sits down with Chris to discuss passive investment strategies and how opportunity zones work. Scott covers his wide array of real estate experience, as well as why he founded Coda Management Group in 2012.  

Some key takeaways include:

  • What inspired Scott to transition from architecture to investment?
  • Proven passive income investments
  • What are opportunity zones?
  • Scott's favourite strategy when it comes to passive investment

Listen to the full interview and read the complete show notes here!



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