One of the most recession-resistant asset classes is warehouse investment, and today we sit with industry expert Scott Krone to find out why. With a Master’s of Architecture from Illinois Institute of Technology, Scott is the Founder of Coda Management Group; a company that specializes in creating and seeking existing warehouse investment opportunities. We open the show by hearing more from Scott about Coda and what they do in the real estate space. Scott then talks about warehouses as an asset class and draws relatable comparisons to multi-family. He notes why warehouse investment is a simplified version of multifamily, and how they’re typically favorable toward NNN leases. Looking at present times, we ask Scott to tell us about how his warehouses have performed during the coronavirus pandemic. Listeners will delight in some of the ways this asset class has soared, as Scott uses examples of basketball and indoor golf. Following this, Scott gets into the nitty-gritty things and explains how he evaluates markets for warehouse opportunities, the strengths of warehouse opportunities, and who he works with to find inventory. To conclude the show, we ask Scott about his biggest business blunders and what his most useful industry tool is.

Some key takeaways include:

  • What makes warehouse leasing so similar to multi-family
  • How the warehouse space has coped with the coronavirus pandemic
  • Driving factors that make investing in the warehouse space interesting for Scott
  • How Scott evaluates markets for warehouse opportunities
  • Scott's top three strengths for warehouse investing
  • Cautions that come with warehouse investment 
  • What a typical investment plan looks like 

Listen to the full interview and read the complete show notes here!