Scott Krone sits down with Whitney Sewell in this episode of The Real Estate Syndication Show to explain how self-storage real estate is ‘recession-resistant', which is exactly why Scott was able to expand his business during the pandemic and why he is on track to meet his goal of opening 10 facilities in a five-year period. Scott shares how the pandemic has changed his business, the key criteria he looks at when evaluating a deal, and the methods he uses to improve the level of exposure of his business, plus, steps Scott is taking to become a better leader while helping others succeed on their own real estate investment journeys. 

  • Some key takeaways from this episode are:
  • The pattern in the self-storage market during the last four recessionary periods
  • How the pandemic altered the timeframes the Scott usually works to
  • The difference between A, B and C-class portfolios
  • Evaluating price points and other key criteria when evaluating a deal
  • How Scott adjusts when market irregularities hit
  • The methods Scott uses to gain exposure for his business

Listen to the full episode here